HELL !  To make it worse when he came home he was booed & spit ON.  YO!  
I am a 100% disabled Vet, I am no Hero but I did my duty.  But what a bitch
it is to come home & find out my real enemy where the Bloomington IN.
Communist planing $ zoning leaders who have taken away all our property
rights so we do not have the American FREEDOM , That So meany American
have died to protect. They attacked & destroyed me & my family because I
have worked to save Bakers Junction RXR Museum since 1976 after I got
out of the serves. My enemy's are not over seas there in the Monroe Co. IN.
COURT HOUSE.  I Live 10 miles out of Bloomington IN. We need protection
from the Bloomington government ! There my only enemy. All I wanted was
to buy some land raise my family mind my own business & live in peace! But
that's not allowed in Bloomington IN. ANY MORE.  Johnny F Baker